Grand Harmonie conducted by Edward Elwyn Jones The Boston Globe’s review of Il Re Pastore 2014 "The orchestra was tight and energetic, with Grand Harmonie’s period winds–wooden flutes, valveless brass, tangy reeds–providing especially brisk colors."
Grand Harmonie conducted by Edward Elwyn Jones The Boston Musical Intelligencer’s review of Il Re Pastore 2014 "Grand HarmonieÕs reliable and piquant ensemble of flutes, English horns, bassoons, horns, and muted strings provided appropriate ’pastoral’ instrumental color."
Grand Harmonie conducted by Edward Elwyn Jones The Hub’s review of Il Re Pastore 2014 "what struck me immediately was the freshness of a period sound that's driven by the horns and winds . . . poised on the cusp of great things."
Canzonare The Boston Musical Intelligencer’s pre-concert piece for En Barque 2012 "Canzonare’s unusual thematic program"
Blue Heron The Boston Musical Intelligencer 2012 "superb job"
Blue Heron The Arts Fuse 2012
Blue Heron The New York Times 2012
Blue Heron The Boston Globe 2012
Blue Heron Berkshire Fine Arts 2012

David et Jonathas Boston Musical Intelligencer 2012 "battle beautifully staged"
Baroque Opera Scenes Boston Musical Intelligencer 2011 "...readers who are familiar with the Friends Meeting House will be wondering how even small scenes could be staged. But they were, and most ingeniously; the stage director, Kateri Chambers, made really excellent use of the space... the music seemed to glow with kindness. Helios will be putting on their first full-length staged opera in January... If their first effort is anything to go by, it will be a splendid production. I look forward to it."
Bacchus et Erigone American Recorder 2011 "The latter two also performed Baroque piccolos, commendably in tune!"
Bacchus et Erigone Boston Musical Intelligencer 2011 "...moments such as the flute duet with Erigone in "Dieux de Cyth¸re" revealed skilled and sensitive players."
Canzonare's Sorbetto American Recorder 2011 "Chan joined the instrumentalists for Scarlatti's Sonata a. Tre in F Major, blending alto recorder beautifully with. Chambers's traverso; the trio glided seamlessly from one from one movement to another. The final selection, C.P.E. Bach's Phillis und Thirsis, Wq232, brought all four musicians together for an artful finish to a well-thought-out program."

Cyrano de Bergerac The Boston Globe 2010 performed "delightfully"
NEPFAllston-Brighton Tab 2010
Classika Theatre 2009
The Suicide DC Theatre Scene 2008
Arabian Nights 2008 "Kateri Chambers not only plays the leading role of Scheherazade, she plays the flute, and is the choreographer and boy can she belly dance. I have a whole new appreciation of this art watching her and the other actors go through their motions. She's also a terrific actress."
Arabian Nights Towson Times 2008
Arabian Nights Baltimore City Paper 2008
Carnivale 2006
Laramie Project Johns Hopkins Newsletter 2005
Shaw Four Starters The Baltimore Sun 2004
Bluff Johns Hopkins Newsletter 2004 "sparkling romantic chemistry between Chambers and Dunn... Interestingly, we find these two students performing on equal ground with their professor... Chambers and Astin face off, each superbly enraged as the dark moral knot is exposed... Many of the members of the three packed audiences may have been surprised by the sheer talent possessed by the students involved, but their powerful performances should have come as no surprise to any frequent Hopkins theatre-goers. The dedication of these student actors is particularly impressive in Bluff, and it is something remarkable to see them stand their ground with professionals like Astin and Setzer. A brilliant experiment succeeds with both Bluff and with the Hopkins Studio Players. Keep your eyes open for future productions. Something tells me that they're just warming up."

Bluff Johns Hopkins Gazette 2004
Bluff Johns Hopkins Newsletter 2004
Bluff Johns Hopkins Magazine 2004
Artist Spotlight Johns Hopkins Newsletter 2004
Lysistrata Johns Hopkins Newsletter 2003
Our Town Johns Hopkins Newsletter 2003
Our Town The Baltimore Sun 2003 "the sensitive, intelligent, unsentimental performances of student actors Loren Dunn and Kateri Chambers in the lead roles of the young lovers, George Gibbs and Emily Webb, are among the high points of the production. In the scene in which George and Emily first fall in love - over strawberry ice cream sodas - each actor hangs on the other's words as if the words themselves were essential to sustaining life, as indeed they are for these characters."
Oleanna Johns Hopkins Newsletter 2003 "their production of Oleanna is thoroughly engaging and touches upon excellence... Chambers, in her portrayal of Carol, the distraught student turned accuser, shows a fantastic range in her acting. Not only does the emotive quality of her acting highlight her ability, but also her use of subtle, revealing facial movements and hand gestures contribute to her craft. Her manner lends itself to the role and delivers the part as if it were written for her. She is, quite simply, a darn good actress, and I regret not sticking around to see what other work she'll do in the next few years."


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